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Q-Mux Monitor & Control Modules

The Q-Mux is a low cost multiplex system.  Two wires are used to power the IDM sensor modules (i.e.. Q-1C, Q-1A, Q-1CL, Q-1R, Q-I/O, Q-EOL,Q-SNP-RLY and Q-SNP-EOL) to send commands to the modules and receive their data.  Commands from the Q-Mux Node to the ID modules take the form of modulating Buss voltages between 0 and 10v.  The data returned from the modules is increased Buss current.

Each Q-Mux node can control up to 99 mix/matched IDM modules.  Up to 32 Q-Mux Nodes may be used in one system.  Total range of the Q-Mux system is 5,000 feet from the System 3505 PRISM LX to the last Q-Mux Node and 5,000 feet from the Q-Mux Node to the last ID module.  ID modules may be set to any address from one to 99.  ID addresses are stored on an internal EEPROM and can be changed by the Q-Mux Programmer (P/N 425184-0002).

The Q-Mux Option (P/N 010001-0094) or Q-Mux option w/32 Line Driver Rack P/N 010001-0099 and a minimum of one Q-Mux node (P/N 425190-0001) are required for the System 3505 PRISM LX.

  • Ethernet connectivity is available utilizing the Alarm-LAN option and VersAlarm controller to monitor the TCU-8 Nodes and IDM devices.  The SYSTEM 3505 PRISM LX must first be equipped with AlarmLan (P/N 020001-0121) and the desired number of VersAlarm, Q-MUX and IDM devices.  Using VersAlarm, the Prism LX can monitor 999 VersAlarm units and each unit can monitor 32 Nodes for a total of over three million IDM monitor or sensor points
  • Each identification module (IDM) contains a processor, ROM, RAM, and EEPROM for field updating of variables such as addresses, etc.
  • All Q-MUX Products are ETL Listed and CSFM Approved

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