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Focal Point

The Gamewell-FCI, FocalPoint® Graphic Workstation is a IP-based graphic user interface that connects to the 7100, E3 Series® or S3 Series of fire alarm control panels via the Gateway interface. The Workstation is used as a decision support tool by facilities management and security personnel.This workstation uses graphic images to display information that allows personnel to quickly evaluate the emergency and make prompt and informed decisions.

  • Listed under UL® Standard 864, 9th Edition.
  • Offers a flexible remote control. Using the workstation with the following systems, the Acknowledge, Reset and Silence fire alarm functions can be activated via remote control.
    • E3 Series
    • S3 Series
    • 7100 Series
  • User-Friendly System Setup – Import facility floor plans as Windows® graphic bitmaps or Windows® graphic meta files.
  • Secure Access – Security profiles provide multiple levels of access to different user types.
  • Improved System Maintenance – Reports and logs trouble events.
  • Automatic Screen Navigation -(selectable for each device) that locates and zooms to the device related to an alarm or event, based on the priority of the event.
  • Backup capability – System backups for screen, user, or history databases. All software is backed up on CD-RW.
  • Information Labels – Identify Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) and handicapped accessible areas using fully linked multimedia.
  • Includes an optional touchscreen display to be used as a simple, intuitive interface.
  • FPT-GATE-3 FocalPoint Gateway includes gateway, surge suppressor (PNET-1), cables and cabinet.
  • FPT-WKS FocalPoint graphical user interface software for network annunciation. Workstation UL Listed PC included. (UL Version).
  • FPT FocalPoint graphical user interface software for network annunciation. Workstation PC not included. (non-UL Version).
  • ANX-SR Addressable Node Expander-Single Ring.
  • ANX-MR-FO Addressable Node Expander-Multi-Ring Twisted-Pair.
  • ANX-MR-UTP Addressable Node Expander-Multi-Ring Fiber-Optic.

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