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Honeywell 7100 Series

The 7100 Series fire alarm control panel is a multi processor-based, analog addressable system. The control panel is a compact, yet expandable platform that reflects Gamewell-FCI’s building block approach to cost-effective life safety system solutions. The 7100 Series is intended for commercial, industrial and institutional installations, the 7100 Series is ideal for life safety and property protection fire alarm applications.

  • Intuitive front panel programming
  • 80-character alphanumeric display
  • One Style 4 (Class “B”) Signaling Line Circuit). Style 6 (Class “A”) with optional CAOM module
  • Two Style Y (Class “B”) Regulated Notification Appliance Circuits rated for 1.5 A each. Style Z (Class “A”) with optional CAOM module
  • Suitable for Pre-Action Deluge applications with optional MCOM module
  • Four Levels of System Access using 6-digit passwords with up to five user passwords per level
  • System Configuration Programming and 500 Event Log stored in Non-Volatile Memory
  • Up to 64 7100 panels in NetSOLO® network with optional INI-7100 module
  • 120 or 240 VAC (optional) input line voltage
  • LCD-7100: Remote LCD Display
  • RAN-7100: Remote LCD Display
  • CAOM: Class “A” Optional Module
  • MCOM: Municipal Connection Option Module
  • PTRM: Printer Transient Module
  • INI-7100-FO: Inteligent Network Interface Module, Fiber Optic
  • INI-7100-UTP: Inteligent Network Interface Module, Twisted Pair

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