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The Honeywell Farenhyt Series Black IFP-2100ECS combines an intelligent analog/addressable fire alarm control panel with an emergency communications system to protect your mid-sized to large complex. Through additional loops, the IFP-2100ECS can be expanded up to 2,100 points per panel, the largest of any Farenhyt panel. The flexible IFP-2100ECS offers the power of choice in color, distributor and service contractor so you can meet your project needs.

  • Single enclosure for both Fire and Emergency Control System components
  • Can select ECS message as priority over fire
  • Network support for up to 32 Sites
  • Built-in support for up to 159 IDP/SK detectors and 159 IDP/SK modules or 127 SD SLC devices
  • Four line LCD display with 40 characters per line
  • Available in a red or black cabinet
  • Separate network support for voice paging
  • Built-in USB interface for programming
  • Four programmable function keys
  • Built-in dual phone line, digital alarm communicator/ transmitter (DACT), IP or optional cellular technologies
  • JumpStart AutoProgramming┬« feature for easy programming
  • Capable of producing 520 Hz tones to meet NFPA 72 requirements
  • 15 Recordable one minute messages that can be mapped to eight ECS buttons
  • Firmware can be upgraded in the field
  • Supports up to four SWIFT wireless gateways. Each gateway can have up to 49 wireless devices
  • Support for up to 16 SBUS addressable amplifiers using a combination of ECS-50W, ECS-125W, ECS-INT50W or ECS-DUAL50W for a maximum of 2000 watts per system and up to 128 mappable speaker circuits
  • On-board supervised microphone

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